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"Serenity" Travertine Sphere

"Serenity" Travertine Sphere

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Calming effect
Premium stone

"Serenity" is a one of a kind incense and palo santo holder, crafted from exquisite travertine. This modern, uniquely shaped sphere ensures your space remains ash-free while you enjoy the delightful scents of incense. It can also be inverted to burn palo santo, adding versatility to your aromatherapy rituals.


''Serenity'' is 4.1in / 10.4cm wide and 4.1in / 10.4cm tall.

Use with

Accompany the travertine sphere with incense cones, incense sticks, rest your sage or palo santo sticks.


"Serenity" is a versatile addition to your living spaces. It suits living rooms, offices, meditation rooms, and more. Use it to enhance your meditation practice, create a soothing ambiance in your living area, or simply as an elegant decor piece.

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  • "A safe place to rest my smoldering palo santo sticks and catch all the ashes. Love it!"
    – Barbara L.

  • “It feels very heavy, and expensive, beautiful design and quality as well.”
    – Ivory S.

  • “More than pleased with this purchase. The quality of the item far exceeded my expectations.”
    – Hazel

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  • Hand-made Design

    Each product in our collection is a testament to the timeless beauty of stone-craft, skillfully shaped by artisan hands with a devotion to quality.

  • Premium Stone

    Hand-crafted from high-quality Travertine stone, it's built to last, offering a timeless addition to your interior.

  • Multifunctional Use

    The sphere effortlessly transition from holding incense cones and sticks to rest your sage or palo santo sticks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Sarah R.

I’ve always used your basic wooden ruler looking incense holder and it does the job for the most part but in my experience, ash would always somehow fall off it and onto the table. And it’s also not that stylish looking. However, this incense holder is way better looking and does a great job of keeping all the ash in the bowl. I like that it came with different sized holes for whatever type of incense you use. The bowl itself has some nice weight to it and it looks great. Out with the old and in with the new!

Mabel K.

Was gifted this for my birthday and it’s stunning! The beautiful travertine imperfections are stunning. It feels very wabi sabi.. right up my alley.

Alan M.

LOVE IT. Very well made.